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Luís Martínez Fernández

Luís Martínez Fernández

Izaskun Álvarez Cuartero

Born in Havana, Cuba (1960), Luis Martínez-Fernández grew up in Lima, Peru, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. He holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Puerto Rico and a Ph.D. in History from Duke University.



Training and Professional experience

  • Dr. Martínez-Fernández is Professor of History at the University of Central Florida, where he also directed the Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies Program (2004-2006). Previously, he taught at Rutgers University (1994-2004). While at Rutgers, he chaired the Department of Puerto Rican and Hispanic Caribbean Studies (1997-2004). He has also taught at Colgate University, Augusta State University, the Graduate History Program of the University of Puerto Rico, and the Lauder Program of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

    Currently, he serves on the editorial boards of Cuban Studies and Herencia Cultural Cubana. He is also Trustee of the College Board and Chair of its Academic Advisory Council. Dr. Martínez-Fernández is a member of the Advisory Board of the South Atlantic Humanities Center and is active in various cultural and artistic organizations in Central Florida. In 2005 he founded the annual Latin American Cultural Festival of Orlando.

    Dr. Martínez-Fernández has pursued diverse lines of research, all pertaining to the Hispanic Caribbean. Among these we find the comparative study of nineteenth-century Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, the region’s political history during the twentieth Century. His works touch upon multiple aspects, including politics, religion, economy, gender, culture, and slavery. He has also studied Hispanic populations in Florida.

    His latest research projects are a history of the Cuban Revolution (forthcoming with the University of North Carolina Press) and a history of early colonial Cuba up to 1800. He has also begun work on a book on the voices of slavery,

Selected Publications

  • Luis Martínez-Fernández. Torn between Empires: Economy, Society, and Patterns of Political Thought in the Hispanic Caribbean, 1840-1878. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1994.
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