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Brígida M. Pastor Pastor

Brígida M. Pastor Pastor

Brígida M. Pastor Pastor

Brígida M. Pastor graduated in Philosophy and Letters at the University of Alicante and obtained her Ph.D. at the University of Bristol (Unieted Kingdom). In 1999 she received an Honorary Award from the Chair of Gender Studies (Cátedra de Estudios de Género) at the Institute of Literature and Linguistics (Cuba) for her innovative studies on the literary work of nineteenth-century Cuban author Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda.


Research experience

She is a researcher at the CCHS-CSIC (Spanish National Research Council). From 1996 she has been a Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow (United Kingdom), where she developed her academic career. She introduced postgraduate and undergraduate courses: Masters in European Cinema, Masters in Literature and Exile in Latin America, Honours Hispanic Women´s Writing, Honours Cuban Film, Honours Spanish Cinema, Honours Gender in Latin America, Comparative Literature. In addition, she has supervised several doctoral and Master thesis and contributed to Taught Masters at well-reputed institutions both nationally and internationally (United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Brazil, Cuba, Spain). In 2009 she was invited to teach the postgraduate course, ´Cuba: Gender in Literature and Film (XIX, XX and XXI) in the Master and Doctoral Programme 'Igualdad de Género en Ciencias Humanas, Sociales y Jurídicas' at the CCHS-CSIC.

En 2002, she was awarded a Research Visiting Fellowship at the renowned Australian National University andin 2005-06. She was also an invited Guest Speaker at La Trobe University, University of New South Wales and Queensland University. In 2005-06, she was awarded a Research Visiting Professorship at the Research Centre for Caribbean Studies in Brazil and  she was also a Visiting Professor at the University of São Paulo (USP) to give keynotes and participate in  the Postgraduate Programme. Additionally, she received numerous invitations to deliver research papers and to act as External Examiner for Doctoral and Master theses in highly-reputed Brazilian institutions, such as University de São Paulo-USP, University de Brasilia, University of Santa Catarina, Federal University of Goiás, Catholic University of Goiás, University of Tocantins.

She is the author of various books and edited volumes and has published over 60 scholarly articles in scientific journals of international ranking, such as Journal: Studies in European Cinema, Romance Quarterly, Bulletin of Latin American Research, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, Journal of the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies, Anuario de Estudios Hispánicos, Journal: Studies in European Cinema, Edinburgh Review, Letras Peninsulares, Revista de Estudios Hispánicos, Romance Studies, Revista Arbor, Revista de la Biblioteca Nacional José Martí, Lenguaje y Textos. She is also an active evaluator and reviewer of books and journals for prestigious publishers and scholarly journals, such as The International Journal of Cultural Studies, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, Bulletin of Latin American Research, Revista Brasilera do Caribe, Revista de Indias.  She is also an invited External Assessor  of refereed publications such as Tamesis,Hispanic Research Journal; JILAS- Journal of the Institute of Latin American Studies;  Arbor;  Revista de Indias;  Journal Caribbean Studies;, Bulletin of Spanish Studies; Oxford University Press.  She is also member of the Editorial Board of three international scientific journals in Latin American Studies, Caribbean Studies and Gender Studies.

She has received invitations to deliver plenary lectures, research papers, teach postgraduate courses and seminars at prestigious congresses and conferences and  renowned institutions in USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, Czech Republic, Italy and France. From 1995 to 1998 she was appointed General Secretary of the Society for Caribbean Studies of Great Britain. An integral part of her scientific output is the organization and coordination of international symposiums and sessions at both national and international conferences in the field of the Humanities and Social Sciences, including International Congress of Latin Americanists in Europe, International Congress of Americanists, Congress of International Federation of Latin American and Caribbean Studies,  The Annual Society for Latin American Studies, The Annual Conference of the Society for Caribbean Studies, International Symposium of the Centre for Caribbean Studies in Brazil,  International Americanistic Studies Congress.

Research Lines

19th, 20th and 21st century Latin American and Spanish Peninsular Literature and culture;  Cultural History; Gender Issues and Theory; Psychoanalysis; Hispanic Women´s Writing; Spanish and Latin American film; Cuban Literature and Film; Discourse analysis.

Research projects

She has been the Main Investigator of several research projects:
  - Feminist Ideas in Nineteenth-Century Cuba – 1999-2003.
  - Caribbean Discourses. History, Literature and Cinema- XIX, XX y XXI –  2005.
  - Latin American Women´s Writing –XVII-XXI) –   2007-2010.
  - Screening Gender in Cuban and Spanish Cinema (1950s-1990s) –  2006-
  - Gender Gazes in Post-revolutionary Cuban Cinema – 2008-

Her research projects have been supported and funded by several research awards from prestigious bodies both nationally and internationally (The British Academy, The Arts and Humanities Research Council, The Carnegie Trust of Scotland, the John Robertson Bequest, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovations).

Participation in Research Projects

- En 2002, she was awarded  a Research Visiting Fellowship at  The Australian National University to be part of a collaborative research Project Gender in Latin American Cinema Cinema at the Humanities Research Centre, directed by Professor Iain McCalman, President of the Australian Academy of Humanities.

- In 2005-06, she was awarded a Research Visiting Professorship at the Research Centre for Caribbean Studies in Brazil, awarded by the National Commission of Advanced Research in Brazil- Ministry of Education. During her time at the Centre, she participated in the research project, ‘The Caribbean-Brazil: Migrations and Identity Formations’.

- In 2007 she was  invited to be a member of the research project- ´História e polissemia da imagem´ at the University of Brasília.

- Research Project: ´Literature and Communication Technologies. Propuestas metodológicas para el estudio de las relaciones entre discurso literario y discursos audiovisuales y digitales´, University of La Coruña. 2010-

- Network of Comparative Studies of the Caribbean and the Atlantic World, Institute of History, CSIC, 2010-

In addition of her academic activities, she has participated and collaborated in several Project and cultural activities in the community. She has made collaborations with Radio and Television (BBC Scotland) y SBS Radio, Melbourne  (Australia). She has also been Assessor for Educational and Film Activities at Glasgow Film Theatre   y collaborated in the organization of the Spanish Film Festival, Cuban Film Festival and Latin American Film Festival). She was also involved in the editing and translation of the Script of the Award Winning North American feature film documentary: The Sapphires: Music from the Edge of Time. Directed byLorenzo DeStefano. Executive Producers, Randa Haines & Sandra Levinson.

Select Publications

  • Pastor, Brígida M. 'Una feminista cubano-española: Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda ante la sociedad de su tiempo', Journal of the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies, vol. 8, n.1,Spring (1995), 57-62.
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