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The Red de Estudios Comparados del Caribe y Mundo Atlántico (Network of Comparative Studies of the Caribbean and the Atlantic World) aims to bring together the main groups and specialists who currently work on the Caribbean as a platform of the Atlantic World with the goal of publicizing research projects, exchanging information and increasing collaboration.

The core of this initiative is the Grupo de Estudios Comparados del Caribe y Mundo Atlántico-GECCMA (Group of Comparative Studies of the Caribbean and the Atlantic World) of the Institute of History of the CCHS-CSIC, composed of C. Naranjo Orovio, I. Roldán de Montaud, Mª D. González-Ripoll, A. Crespo Solana, M. Lucena Giraldo, A. Santamaría García, L. Fernández Prieto y M. Ramírez Chicharro. The GECCMA approaches the processes of formation of the Caribbean through a vision of interconnectedness based on the idea that society generates culture while culture, in turn, is the defining characteristic of societies. Our aim is to study the diverse realities of the Caribbean in a transversal fashion where comparative analysis leads to the study of singularity.

The Atlantic perspective is fundamental in our projects as we seek to understand both the unity and the singularity of the Caribbean, and of a history that is marked by continuity and rupture, framing a space of action where various metropolitan powers and colonial systems were organized around common and contrasting elements.

One of the objectives of RECCMA is to produce a collective work in five volumes under the title of Historia de las Antillas (History of the Antilles), which have been published within the Colección/Antilla, printed by Ediciones Doce Calles-CSIC, and edited by Dr. Consuelo Naranjo Orovio.  These volumes will cover the history from the conquest to the present. The collection will bring together authors from various historiographic schools, institutions ad countries. The project and the work have become truly international: Spain, the United States, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Great Britain, France, Germany, the Chec Republic, Holland and Trinidad & Tobago.

In 2014 we have finished the publication of Historia de las Antillas. History of the Antilles is compoused by five volumes: Historia de Cuba/History of Cuba, Historia de la República Dominicana/History of the Dominican Republic, Historia de las Antillas no hispanas/History of the Non-Hispanic Antilles, Historia de Puerto Rico/History of Puerto Rico  and  Historia Comparada de las Antillas/Comparative History of the Antilles.

Network of Comparative Studies of the Caribbean and the Atlantic World