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A • Historia del Nuevo Mundo. Universidad de Cartagena de Indias.

  • Información del grupo
  • Solano D., Sergio Paolo
  • Flórez Bolívar, Roicer

B • Frontera, Sociedad y Cultura en el Caribe y Latinoamérica

  • Información del grupo
  Polo Acuña, José
  • Acevedo, Rafael Enrique
  • Bonilla Vélez, Gloria
  • Ernst Cwik, Christian Daniel
  • Gutiérrez Sierra, Edgar

C • Estudios del Caribe Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo-Colegio de Michoacán-UNAM

  Cortés Zavala, Mª Teresa
  • Bobadilla González, Leticia
  • Chavelas Sánchez, B. V.
  • Flores Padilla, M.
  • Gargallo García, Oliva
  • López Avalos, Martín

CICC, Universidad de Cergy-Pontoise

  Moulin Civil, Françoise
  • Ballesteros Rosas, Luisa
  • Chávez, Félix Ernesto
  • Estrade, Paul
  • Lamrani, Salim
  • Royer, Lydie
  • Sylvie Bouffartigue

E • Historia Social. Universitat Jaume I. Web»
  • José Antonio Piqueras


Historia del Nuevo Mundo

 Foto de Sergio Paolo Solano D. Foto de Roicer Flórez Bolívar

Frontera, Sociedad y Cultura en el Caribe y Latinoamérica

 Foto de José Polo Acuña Foto de Rafael Enrique Acevedo Foto de Gloria Bonilla Vélez Foto de Christian Daniel Ernst Cwik Foto de Edgar Gutiérrez Sierra 

Estudios del Caribe

 Foto de María Teresa Cortés Zavala Foto de Leticia Bobadilla González Foto de Brenda Verónica Chavelas Sánchez Foto de Mª Magdalena Flores Padilla Foto de Oliva Gargallo García Foto de Martín López Avalos 


 Foto de Françoise Moulin Civil Foto de Luisa Ballesteros Rosas Photo Félix Ernesto Chávez Foto de Paul Estrade Foto de Salim Lamrani Foto de Lydie Royer Foto de Sylvie Bouffartigue

Paul Estrade

Paul Estrade

Paul Estrade

(Paris, France, born in 1935)
• Professor Emeritus of the Paris VIII University where he spent the greatest part of his academic career, from Probationary Lecturer (1968) to Full Professor (1985).
• Scientific researcher associated to the GRIAHAL (University of Cergy-Pontoise, team direction: Françoise Moulin-Civil).

In the Department of Hispano- and Hispano-American Studies of the University of Paris VIII, Paul Estrade gave essentially lessons on contemporary Latin-American history; he was responsible for the doctoral formation and personally assumed the direction of about fifteen really supported doctoral thesis.

He is author of more than 180 papers and chapters of collective books.

His main studies concern the history of Cuba and of the Hispanic Caribbean (19th century) and the separatist thinking in the West Indies (Martí, Betances).

Last published books : Solidaridad con Cuba Libre (1895-1898) : la labor impresionante del doctor Betances en París (San Juan, UPR, 2001) ; José Martí en su siglo y en el nuestro (La Habana, Centro de Estudios Martianos, 2008) ; Iniciación a Betances (La Habana, Casa de las Américas, 2008) ; Severiano de Heredia. Ce mulâtre cubain que Paris fit maire, et la République, ministre (Paris, Les Indes Savantes, 2011)

He founded and managed (1984-1997) the group for inter-university and inter-disciplinary  studies “History of the Hispanic West Indies” (HAH, Histoire des Antilles Hispaniques), and was thus editor of the journal collection “History of the Hispanic West Indies” (21 volumes).

Out of France, Paul Estrade gave several conferences in different countries; he was member of the Scientific Section of the Casa de Velázquez (Madrid) and he has been twice chosen as a member of the selection committee of the literary prize “Casa de las Américas”.

He is still permanent Invited Professor of La Habana University and member of the Selection Committee of the International Prize José Martí awarded by the UNESCO.

In addition to the Caribbean studies, P. Estrade devoted himself to the theme of validity and permanent actuality of the Latin-America concept; to the Franco-Cuban relations during last centuries the biography of a Franco-Cuban politician, Severiano de Heredia, will soon be published in French language.

Moreover, he has written half a dozen of books treating of local history of the region from which his family originates (Corrèze Department).

For the moment, he is mainly engaged, together with Doctor Félix Ojeda Reyes (IEC, UPR, Río Piedras) in recovering and publishing the Complete Works of the Puerto-Rican Ramón Emeterio Betances, which will be edited by the Ediciones Puerto, San Juan. Five of the fourteen planned volumes are yet published.

Red de estudios comparados del Caribe y Mundo Atlántico